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  • “Kevin Nitschmann is a hobby-based freelance digital artist born and currently living in Berlin, Germany. At the age of 21 he is studying Computer Science at Berlin’s Institute of Technology after successfully completing his basic military service in 2009. Working with Adobe Photoshop for over six years now he specialized in the field of abstract photo manipulation but is also working with 3D renders on a surreal basis aided by the program Cinema4D.
    Ever since his artworks got featured by UK’s Advanced Photoshop Magazine in 2010 his manipulations draw more and more attention. While the audience following his activity is getting bigger by the minute he now is not only reachable via deviantART, Behance Network and Shadowness under his alias ‘Gunfire’ but also via his own website launched in May 2011 :

    ---- Web Design Library in 2011

Kevin Nitschmann | Digital Artist | Bachelor of Computer Science

As a result of being frustrated because I’m not able to draw a single line straight with a pencil in the real world I looked out for virtual possibilities to be creative.

Starting in 2005 with Photoshop CS2 I am now a proud owner of my very own copy of Photoshop CS6. Using many different sources of inspiration, I got to know a broad range of techniques which are reflected in my works. After understanding the basics, I did a little bit of hobby based photo retouching which was supposed to look as natural as possible and then went on to photo manipulations with all the surreal shapes and fancy colors added to a photo afterwards.
My favorite style of art is the category of 3D abstract artwork and because of that I wanted to learn more about it and did some renders on my own as well. Using Cinema4D on a pretty basic level, my limited usage of this fine program opened the door for me to get in touch with setting up my very own picture starting from scratch to the final version - a feeling a common photo manipulator concentrated on postworking an existing photograph is not used to.

In 2009 I was forced to take a break from designing because of my military service. Concerning this I can only say: I am back now.

Shortly after my break I was contacted by Advanced Photoshop Magazine UK and they turned out to be the first magazine to feature my artworks. Nowadays my pictures are getting shared and appreciated around the globe, linked in many inspirational blogs and community sites while I can be sure to always get motivated by the community to proceed in creating artworks.

Taking into consideration that I am a perfectionist I am here to discover and study new techniques day by day, to improve myself and to develop my very own style of designing on the highest level possible.

For the end I’d like to thank everyone who ever commented on my work, congratulated me to a nice piece of art or shared useful advice making it easier to live life itself. Enjoy my portfolio.